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  1. Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Executive Officer
    "As a result of Mike’s training I have developed dramatically as a leader. But more importantly my team is more effective and more unified as a result of the training."
  2. Senior Partner
    Senior Partner
    Mike's training for our office team surpassed our expectations. Within minutes he connected with our entire team and was able to build a relationship that allowed him to teach sensitive topics with more power and influence than a simple webinar or teleconference could ever do.
  3. Executive Vice President
    Executive Vice President
    In our team session, Mike Rogers was not only able to draw me in as a participant, but was able to get me to take a good, hard look at myself, how well I was contributing to our team, and ultimately committed to make changes to make me a better member of our team.
  4. Services Vice President
    Services Vice President
    Mike armed us with the tools and confidence necessary for carrying this into each of our individual teams.

About Michael

 Michael Rogers is the author of You Are the Team—6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great, and he is an Inc. Top 100 Leadership speaker.
Michael is president of The Teamwork and Leadership Company , a workshop and consulting group focused on building better teams and leaders. As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Michael has worked with hundreds of senior and middle level leaders in building more effective teams. 
His blog, Teamwork and Leadership , regularly ranks in the top ten blogs in leadership and has a monthly following of over 30,000.
Michael resides with his wife, Terri, in beautiful Cedar City, Utah. They have been married for 30 years and have six sons (one daughter-in-law), two daughters (two son-in-laws), and seven grandchildren.